August, 2021

Saturday Sessions

We have popped some new session types online.
We often hear parents ask if they can get involved – and now you can!

Starting in September we have afternoon session running where both adults and children can climb together.

June, 2021

Tree Explorers are back

COVID has stopped us from being able to run any sessions in 2020 but we happy to say we are back in July and August with some more sessions.

July, 2020


As we do not know how the current situation will play out we have made the decision not to hold any sessions at the moment.

October, 2019

Taking A Break Until Easter

We are sad to say that at the moment we are taking a break from Tree Explorers. With the cold, rainy weather we have had this Autumn it’s been hard to predict if there will be a dry enough weekend with trees safe enough to climb. Now the cold is setting in too.
We hope to be back for Easter 2020 so sign up to our Newsletter or watch this space.
Thanks for you patience.


July 14, 2019

Tree Inspired Reading for Kids

We thought we would share with you a few of our favourite tree themed books for children.
From naming trees with Dr Seuss to poems entitled Leaves are like traffic lights.


July 5, 2019

Join Our Tree Explorers Club

Get yourself some great goodies when you join our tree explorers club.
You will be the proud owner of ‘Tree Explorers’ T-shirt, a bunch of stickers, an official membership certificate and be the first to hear about our events. All for £10.


Spring Is Coming And So Are New Tree Explorers Events…

Winter has been a chilly one and we at Tree Explorers have been hibernating.

BUT we are excited to announce that we already have some dates lined up for the Easter Holidays

Come and join us for our next sessions…
Monday 9th April & Tuesday 10th April

Tree Explorers Official Launch Report

Well what can we say? What a day! The sun shone and you all came to climb. It was fab! Thank You.

We had so much positive feedback and already so many booking for our next session.

Come and join us for our next session…


We thought we would share with you a few of our favourite tree themed books for children.

A Little Guide To Trees by Charlotte Voakes

This is a beautiful and informative book about trees to read with your children. The gorgeous illustrations of each tree and the parts of a trees really bring them to life. Each page is a two page spread on a tree with lots of facts and close ups surrounding it.

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton

This book has been read and reread in our house. The idea that you could climb a magic tree and find a magic land at the top totally thrilled my kids. The story is based around three children who do just this and meet some funny characters, like Saucepan man and Moonface, along the way. The tree has lots of inhabitants and changing lands at the top and the only way down is the slippery slip slide. A classic fun filled tale to inspire children to climb trees and use their imaginations.

Bark does for a tree what your skin does for you:
stops the weather, the bugs, and the germs getting through.DR SEUSS

Leaves are Like Traffic Lights by Andrew Fusek Peters

Featuring turbo-charged trees, double agent forests and leaves that perform magic, this is a wide-ranging collection of fun, lyrical and thought-provoking poems.

There are poems that celebrate the outdoors, tree-climbing, forest school, ecological matters and nature in the city, alongside a smattering of favourites from previous anthologies and collections. Our favourite is blah blah blah text filler.

I-Spy Trees (Michelin I-Spy)

A pocket sized book with 200 colour photos it’s easy to carry around with you to identify trees on the go.

I Can Name 50 Trees by Dr Seuss

A fantastic book teaching children not only about different species of trees but also about the biology behind them too. All done in classic Dr Seuss rhyme of course.


A super cool Tree Explorers tshirt

A bunch of stickers

Ben the first to hear about our events

An official
‘I am a Tree Explorer’



All for £10

Tree Explorers Official Launch Party

How excited are we?! Finally after many months of planning and preparing we ready to go.

To celebrate our amazing new venture we are having a launch party so you can come and try out tree climbing for yourselves.


Come along to Gildredge Park (near the play park) on Saturday 2nd September.

We will be running free sessions from 10:30 to 3pm for children aged 8-12.
Be sure to book a place our events page so you don’t miss out.